Our training catalog is aimed at those professionals who are in contact with the promotion and protection of people’s health and who want to continue their academic development.

We’ve got emotional, nutritional and physical health programs, and also have training in research and ehealth areas, among others.

Bullying / Cyberbullying and Security

Know the elements of detection, protection and prevention of cyberbullying and harassment in different environments and better protect yourself and yours.

Basic Level 50H Chemistry

Know the adequate and safe conditions of your work environment and actively participate in the prevention of the health of your colleagues by improving the work space.

Tai Chi

Enter an ancient martial art that will allow you to improve your posture, your breathing and your relaxation

Postural Hygiene

Improve your posture with toning exercises and stretches specific to each job and position

Behaivour Based Safety

Know and detect unsafe behaviors and acts to work on improving the safety of your work environment and that of your colleagues.

We also have our online health promotion tool, a completely customizable and versatile platform so you can manage and offer a global and unique solution to workers and family members.

Online Health and Fitness Platform

Do you want to improve your well-being wherever you are and at any time of the day? Nutrition, emotional health, virtual gym…start now!

If you want to know more or have other needs,

ask us for information, we will be happy to find a solution together!

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